The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are guiding every nation on earth to tackle poverty, biodiversity collapse, inequalities, homelessness, war and more. The movement of people mobilising enterprise, innovation and community spirit is growing - but the people stepping up to change the world need support.

We bring people together to learn, develop and transform themselves, their organisations and their communities to create sustainable enterprises


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The Academy is as valuable for the way it brings people together as it is for the training it delivers Simon Lee, Melness and Tongue Community Development Trust
This programme provides real life experiences that will take the children into the future Secondary School Teacher
They are about unleashing the wisdom that already exists within the group, and the methodology helps to create an ongoing community and source of support. All this helps us to actively strengthen the sector.   Peter Frampton, CEO, Learning Enrichment Foundation, Canada
It’s put me back on track to become a more effective leader – I felt a little lost in my direction and role but the programme has reassured and inspired me again to make a difference Academy Learner