Social Enterprise Schools' global network has now reached 6 countries around the world outside of Scotland! 

Delivered by local social entrepreneurs who have a unique ground-level perspective of running a social enterprise in their respective countries, our pupil-led programme supports young people to identify the environmental or social issue they want to solve and create a business to make that change happen. It has been shown to build individual confidence and wellbeing while developing essential skills in areas such as employability, global citizenship and leadership.

Our global network:

 Speechmarks Plum The spirit of the learners wanting to do this has been amazing! The integration of Social Enterprise Schools in the curriculum has become crucial if young people are to develop the necessary skills and mindset for the 21st-century workplace, both in South Africa and globally.

-Amina Mahomed, teacher at Hidayatul Primary School.

Connecting with Peers Internationally

Our Global Meet-up sessions allow young people to connect with other classes from around the world also embarking on their social enterprise journeys. These sessions offer a unique space for sharing experiences, skills and a chance for pupils to engage with peers internationally - developing their learning on a global scale. 

Watch a Global Meet-up in action