Funders, Trusts and Foundations

As a funder, you are playing a vital role in helping many of our organisations to survive, thrive and continue serving communities and individuals during these difficult times.

To help organisations maximise the income and funding they receive, many organisations have expressed the desire to learn from others, connect, collaborate and engage in meaningful dialogue about what may be possible. This can fuel innovation and help to address immediate challenges and plan for the future.

We would welcome partnering with you, to enable tailored crisis leadership support (alongside your grants) to be delivered to current and future grant recipients during the Covid-19 crisis. We will explore the most appropriate support for your grant recipients which may include:

  • Online peer support and learning groups focused on a particular topic, location or thematic area
  • Income-generating sessions for organisations in receipt of grants
  • Tailored COVID-19 blended learning programmes bringing together grant recipients
  • Individual and team coaching

If you would like to find out more about how you can support your grant recipients, please contact Lara Friedman

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